The best option to prevent extra fat anywhere on your body is by eating a healthy diet and exercising frequently.

Once you have decided to get rid of your double chin, try to be patient. Unless you go through liposuction or laser lipolysis, it won’t disappear overnight. Based on the size of your double chin, it may take a few months before it’s less noticeable.

Maintain a healthy weight will help keep a double chin in check. This also has added benefits because it reduces your overall risk of disease like high blood pressure, heart disease, etc.

Except you’re certain that your double chin was caused by genetics, give weight loss, cardio exercise, and chin exercises a chance before undergoing an invasive procedure.

Before beginning any a diet and exercise program, talk to your doctor. They’ll address any health concerns you have and help you set healthy weight loss goals. They’ll also recommend an eating plan that fits your lifestyle.

If diet and exercise don’t help you to get rid of your double chin, ask your doctor if an invasive procedure is an option for you.